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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Play The First Dance For Weddings?

Yes, we usually perform the first dance for weddings. Once we're given adequate notice we will happily go into the studio to learn your first dance for your wedding

Do You Provide DJ / Church Music As Well?

We are extremely used to providing DJ sets for weddings that we perform at. Booking the Band and DJ together as a package means you only have to worry about one point of contact for the entertainment on your big day, and the package price ensures you get the DJ at a better rate than if booked alone.


When booked as a package these savings are passed onto you. The DJ will work with you in crafting a set suited to the musical tastes of you and your guests.


Our DJ's also use the band PA system to ensure the best sound quality, as no DJ rig would match up to a band's PA system. Sharing the PA with the DJ also ensures there is no gap between the band finishing and the DJ starting their first song. This ensures the floor stays full of happy dancing people!


We also work with Synergy Wedding Singers to provide a choice of male or female vocalist for the church music during your ceremony. This vocalist is accompanied by an acoustic guitar also, and will play your selection of hymns.

How Long Does The Band Typically Play For?

A normal night is over two hours. This can vary slightly depending on whether there is a DJ or music curfew.

What Kind Of Events Do You Play?

We play all types of events, including birthdays, weddings, college balls, student events, graduation ceremonies etc. We play all sorts of functions and events, and enjoy helping to make people's special day one to remember.

Do You Play Across Ireland?

Yes we do. The band members are actually spread out over Dublin, Limerick, Carlow & Kildare so we are well used to travelling. The band will travel anywhere in Ireland (or further if the opportunity arose!)

Do The Band Provide Their Own Equipment / PA / Lights?

Yes, all of this is inclusive in our cost. We are entirely self sufficient so that once we are booked and put in touch with the venue, we will look after everything else after that. We can also provide a microphone to you for speeches etc. if requested.



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